How to Become an Authority in Radio

Define your niche by creating and promoting content so you’re one of the leading authority experts in your area.

The Name Game

A topic can be associated to individuals, for example if you think of your area of expertise you will probably associate it with a leading authority, or sometimes referred to as a “celebrity”.

People like this have what’s called “Brand Association”.


Brand Association


Create Your Own Radio Station

Build Your Radio

Radio System

Live broadcast system where you can manage your radio.

Website CMS

Advanced content management system where you can manage your website

Mobile Application

Your radio’s mobile apps are on Apple Store and Google Play

Progressive Web Apps

With the new generation mobile application, the mobile application of your radio is available on all devices.

Chrome Extension

With the Google Chrome extension developed specifically for your radio, your radio is in the Google Chrome Store


Free live broadcast programs for different ways to increase your effectiveness