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Build Your Own Internet Radio!

Build Your Own Radio Station in Minutes with Recupy Internet Radio System.

Websites, Mobile Apps and Much More for Your Radio.

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Your Radio

Radio System

Live broadcast system where you can manage your radio .


Radio Website

Fast, easy website software for your radio


Mobile Application

The mobile application of your radio is in the Apple Store and Google Play.



Free live streaming programs for professional broadcasting.


Stream Anytime Anywhere

While we take care of all the technical work, you just plan your broadcast schedule and focus on getting your radio to more people.

Why Recupy?

Everything You Need in
One Panel!

Access, manage and publish from anywhere without the need for expensive hardware or technical know-how.

  • Complete automation: Schedule events, live DJs, automated playlists, talk shows and newsletters. Publish whenever you want!
  • Professional software: From customizable web players to custom mobile apps. We provide the tools you need to grow.
  • Packages to suit your needs: Build a personal or corporate radio. We offer the most suitable packages for your needs. Publish professionally without the need for expensive equipment and technical staff.
  • Full Support: Our Recupy support team and our Recupy Academy page are always with you.

Reach Your Audience From Anywhere!

Shout Out To The World Today!

Create your own radio station in minutes. Enjoy radio broadcasting with impressive features and unlimited resources.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recupy and Internet Radio System